Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact with a problem?

Your first point of contact is the community manager, the second is the board. Please go to the Contact Information page by clicking the “Contact” menu button in the upper-right corner of any page on this site for more information.

I am having problems viewing part or all of the Oella HOA web site — what should I do?

Many problems viewing web sites are resolved by clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.

Is my house in the HOA?

There are 161 homes in the HOA. These include mainly homes on Oella Ave., Charles James Circle, Lilies Ln., Pleasant Hill, Mary Jo Way. If you signed documents at settlement agreeing to the HOA rules and regulations and fees, then you’re in the HOA. If you aren’t sure, contact the board.

Do I need permission to make changes to the exterior of my home?

So what kinds of things will need ARC review? Basically, if you want to do anything that alters the appearance of your house or property, you should contact us for advice.

Examples of the kinds of things you should ask about are:

  • Repainting anything on the outside of your house in any color other than one previously approved.
  • Replacing or changing any of the components of any outside door or window.
  • Replacing any siding.
  • Adding or changing any kind of structure (for example, any additions, any building, shed, patio, fountain, pool, tree, shrubbery, paving, curbing, landscaping, fence or wall, sign or signboard).
  • Any kind of masonry repair or repointing of brick.
  • Replacing your roof or otherwise altering its appearance, such as changing the type or color of any of the roofing material and adding vents or satellite dishes.
  • Any new landscaping, including removal of any trees or large shrubs or laying out new flowerbeds or terracing.
  • Digging any large holes or doing anything else that could affect or alter the natural flow of surface water on or across your property.

In general, it is always a good idea to contact the ARC whenever you are contemplating a project for the exterior of your home. There are some kinds of work that can be approved very easily and quickly, but even in these cases it is to your benefit to get the approval in writing.

If you are making any of the kinds of changes described above, then you should seek permission BEFORE making the changes. Please see the Architectural Design and Review page for more info.

What do my dues pay for?

Maintenance and landscaping of common areas and parking lots; upkeep of the Mill Race Trail and bridge (up to the end of the bridge); insurance; plowing & salting; accounting services; Mutt Mitts; other expenses.

Why do sections of Oella have charming nicknames?

If you know the answer, please tell us! It’s been that way for as long as anyone can remember. Don’t know what yours is called? Ask a long-time resident. You might be in Lillies Ln., Spring St. (not actually a street), Timber Point, Stone Row, Long Brick Row, Short Brick Row, New Brick Row (the newest nickname), Herring Hill, Pleasant Hill, or Reservoir Hill.

How do I access the Mill Race Trail?

The portion of the mill race trail from the mill up to the far side of the mill race bridge is HOA-owned & maintained property. Access for HOA residents only is behind Long Brick Row (row of small brick houses curving up Oella Ave. next to the mill. This is not a public access. There are stone steps near a large maple tree. This is the beginning of the trail. Go across the small footbridge and follow the trail by walking on top of the stone mill race wall. When you come to a road (Race Road) cross the road and continue on the path. There are stepping stones to indicate where the path continues. Please note that Race Road is a private road, and the parking pad & shed near the Race Road portion of the trail is part of a private lot. Also, parking is extremely limited behind Long Brick Row, since there are only ~1.5 cars allotted per house. We encourage residents to enjoy Oella’s scenic beauty by walking to the trail entrance. You’ll probably meet a neighbor!

How many parking spaces am I allotted?


That depends on where you live. Some people have private driveways. Others have two spaces allocated for their property. Others have only one (such as Long Brick row & frame homes next door). Your assigned space(s) will have a number painted on the curb. Unmarked spaces are first come, first serve. Please be considerate of your neighbors. Do not park in numbered spaces that do not belong to you. Do not store rarely used vehicles, and do not permanently take up more than two spaces in your lot. Do not block driveways.

Where can I get a copy of the community parking policy?


Can I walk my dog without a leash?

Walking an animal without a leash is illegal and unsafe. Please be courteous to those who don’t like dogs, are afraid of dogs, or who have dogs that don’t socialize well. No one wants to see a neighbor or a pet get hurt.

Does the HOA pay a dog waste disposal company?

No. It is your responsibility to pick up after your pet. The HOA provides Mutt Mitts at several stations for your convenience. Volunteers fill the stations periodically.

Are there private roads within the HOA?

Yes. Race Road, most of Lillies Lane, and Logtown Road are private roads. Maintenance & plowing is up to the residents of these roads.

How is snow and ice removal addressed by the HOA?

Snowfall is considered to be more than a 2″ accumulation and/or icing conditions deemed hazardous by the HOA Board or its management company. HOA-owned parking lots are plowed and salted by a local company; however, the plow cannot maneuver close to cars. Thus, spaces in which cars are parked cannot be cleared by the plow. Please contact the management company during regular business hours or the board ( during off hours if you have a plowing-related problem.