Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

Every homeowner in the Oella HOA is subject to a set of rights, rules, and regulations known as the CCRs or “blue book” by long-time residents. You should receive a copy from a realtor or previous owner prior to purchasing your house. Below a version of the CCRs is posted for your convenience. This is not an official copy meant to replace the printed copy.

PLEASE DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR PAPER COPY. You will need to provide a copy to the buyers of your home should you choose to sell it.

Official Records

Note the versions below are copies of the “offical” documents that are filed in the land records of Baltimore County.

Partial Text Conversion

The following document is a partial text conversion containing the 1984 and 1988 declarations, as well as some additional documents. The electronic copy does not include the plats and may contain typographical errors as a result of the scanning process used to create the document. It is provided below as a courtesy to HOA members who may find it easier to search for information in an electronic document rather than in a paper document.