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Tentative Agenda for the May 23rd, 2016 Meeting of the Board of Directors

Location: Westchester Center
Date: May 23, 2016
Time:  7:00 pm

  • Call to Order
  • April Minutes
  • ARC Update
  • Landscape Report
    • River bank work
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Old Business
    • Davey Tree Contract
    • SBR Trash Cans
    • Solar Panel request / ARC review
    • Parking Restriction Request on Mary Jo Way
  • New Business
    • Oella Ave Resurfacing
    • 728 Oella Ave – inspection request from owner
    • LBR Guardrail repair proposals
  • Action Track
  • Adjourn


Tentative ARC Meeting Agenda, 8/5/2015

Location: Westchester Community Center
Date: Wednesday August 5, 2015
Time: 6:30pm

Old Business:

  1. Alternate exterior garage lights for Charles James Circle
  2. 530 Oella Ave., replace warped and cracking wood siding with Hardiplank. ACM bringing sample
  3. 1011 Lillies Lane, Application to replace windows. Requested information submitted
  4. 700 Mary Jo Way, Location of new tree approved, Board members raised concern that flowering pears are invasive
  5. 795 Charles James Circle, Application for new house construction, LOD tree removal update

New Business:

  1. 756 Oella Ave., Application to install new windows on Oella Ave. facade
  2. 750 Oella Ave., Retro active application for
    1. painting front stair treads and hatch Benjamin Moore River Reflections
    2. re shingle rear porch roof GAF ‘Charcoal Black’ to match exisiting roof and adjacent porch roofs
  3. 805 Charles James Circle, Application to replace deck floor and restain existing color Behr Boothill Gray ST-159
  4. 700-708 Mary Jo Way, Joint Application to replace roof shingles with GAF Timberline ‘Oyster Gray’ specified in Oella Design Guidelines
  5. 717 Pleasant Hill Rd., Application to
    1. replace flat roof
    2. replace sky light
    3. add new downspout at 717 to separate from shared downspout with 719


Tentative ARC Meeting Agenda, 5/6/2015

Location: Westchester Community Center
Date: Wednesday May 6, 2015
Time: 6:30pm

Old Business:

  1. Alternate exterior garage lights for Charles James Circle
  2. HOA Board rulings regarding window screen policy

New Business:

  1. 749 Oella Ave., Application to repair collapsed stone wall between 749 and 747 Oella.
  2. 806 Charles James Circle, Application to install stamped concrete patio in rear
  3. 748 Oella Ave. Application to
    1. touch up front window and door trim with existing approved color Lancaster Whitewash, and
    2. repaint rear window and door trim with Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee from LBR approved palette
  4. 605 Pleasant Hill Rd. Application to construct 3-4 foot tall retaining wall and walkway on front of property facing Mary Jo Way and Oella Ave.
  5. 766 Oella Ave. Application to replace round edged landscape timbers with square landscape timbers
  6. 752 Oella Ave. Application to install dryer vent on Oella Ave. façade
  7. 752 Oella Ave. Application to
    1. paint window and door trim Benjamin Moore ready mix white from LBR approved palette and,
    2. paint brick parapet to match black flashing or terracotta to match brick color, currently a ‘grey’ color
  8. 802 Charles James Circle Application to paint garage door and front window trim, paint selections have been provided by ACM

Tentative ARC Meeting Agenda, 2/4/2015

Location: Westchester Center
Time: 6:15 PM

Tentative Agenda

Old Business:
New Business:
  1. Application for approval to paint porch deck and railroad ties Sherwin Williams Dovetail Gray and porch railings Benjamin Moore Ready Mix White on the rear of 732 Oella Avenue.
  2. Application for approval to replace all windows, kitchen and porch door, kitchen siding and add six new windows to end unit at 881 Oella Avenue.
  3. Application to replace roof with CertainTeed Shingles Moire Black, front gutter and downspout at 752 and 754 Oella Ave. Replace skylight at 752 Oella Ave.

Tentative ARC Meeting Agenda, 11/5/14

Location: Westchester Center
Date: November 5, 2014
Time: 6:15 PM

Tentative Agenda

Old Business:

  1. Letter to homeowners re: Mary Jo Way roof shingle color choice for recommended standard (in progress)
  2. Letter to homeowners re: New Brick Row shingle color choice for recommended standard (in progress)
  3. Letter to Homeowners re: Timber Point deck colors for recommended standard (in progress)
  4. Letter to homeowners re:Short Brick Row shingle color choice for recommended standard (in progress)

New Business:

  1. Application for repairs and addition of hood to side entrance at 736 Oella Avenue
  2. Introduction of new member Nikki Brooks

Board Seeks Nominees for Director Positions

The Board of Directors is currently seeking nominees for election to the board at the Annual Meeting of the membership on November 10, 2014. Every year the terms of office for three of the nine available positions reach their ends. Those positions are filled by a vote from the membership at the annual meeting. In addition, there is currently one vacant position with a term ending in 2015, which the board may choose to fill if a suitable candidate is identified.

Being a director of the HOA can be challenging, but it can also be quite rewarding. You get to learn a lot more about our community than you might have known: its history, its quirks and eccentricities, and the nuts and bolts of its administration. If you have an interest in preserving the unique character and beauty of Oella, we could use your help in any of a number of areas:

  • overseeing the landscaping and gardening of approximately 40 acres of HOA-owned common areas
  • managing the HOA budget and finances
  • understanding our governing covenants and what we must all do to comply with them
  • maintaining our website
  • fostering a friendly and collaborative relationship between the board and all members of the association

Our community has changed a lot over the years, and it will always continue to do so. If you would like to influence the direction of that change, joining the board of directors is possibly the best way to do that. It’s also a great way to meet new neighbors!

Whether you would like to volunteer yourself or to nominate someone else, please contact the President of the association, Shirley McMonigle, by phone or by email:

Phone: 410-461-6945


BG&E Plans Vegetative Management Measures At Lillie’s Lane

In  the fall of 2014, BGE will be doing vegetation management work around the transmission lines that cross over  Oella Avenue near Lillie’s Lane.   This is not insignificant work.  BGE has made a real effort to communicate both the type and extent of “Vegetation Management” they will be doing.  BGE’s full work description Is available here: BGEProposal.