Board of Directors


The Oella HOA Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws detail the structure of the Board of Directors.  The current number of seats on the Board of Directors is 9 and are currently filled as indicated below.  The current term for a seat is 3 years, with 1/3 of the seats up for re-election each year.

Note that the Board of Directors has the discretion to fill vacant seats upon a majority vote of the board.  If you are interested in filling a vacancy, you’re encouraged to contact the board and attend the monthly Board of Directors meetings.


President: Julia Graham
Vice President: Scott Amoros
Treasurer: Steve Romo
Secretary: Paul Geraty

Term Ending 2017

  • Scott McClurg (Director at Large)
  • Julia Graham (President)
  • Don Drehoff (Director at Large)

Term Ending 2018

  • Scott Amoros (Vice President)
  • (vacant)
  • (vacant)

Term Ending 2019

  • Paul Geraty (Secretary)
  • Steve Romo (Treasurer)
  • (vacant)