Architectural Review Committee (ARC)


The Architectural Review Committee has the responsibility of reviewing and approving any changes Owners in Oella want to make to their property that will be visible from anywhere outside their house. Oella has a long history and rich architectural heritage (we’re on the National Register of Historic Places) — for nearly 200 years people have lived, and continue to live, in Oella. When you became a homeowner here, you became an important part of that history and heritage. The ARC’s job is to help homeowners in the Oella HOA maintain and preserve our community’s unique character.

Please see the Architectural Design and Review page if you’re looking for architectural guidance, resources, or need to submit an architectural change request.

Rules and By-Laws

The Rules and By-Laws for the ARC can be found here.

Current ARC Members

The ARC currently consists of the 4 members listed below…

  • Scott McClurg (Chair)
  • Charles Wagandt
  • Nancy Pascale
  • Nikki Brooks

Historical ARC Information

Architectural control was originally under the sole purview of the Developer.  The Board of Directors and the Developer agreed to establish and transfer this responsibility to the ARC. The following documents detail that agreement.